Paper Cups 6oz 190gsm (1000pcs) per ctn.

  • 30 AED
  • 6oz
  • 190gsm
  • 1000pcs per ctn.
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our premium Paper Cups 6oz 190gsm, crafted with excellence to elevate your beverage experience. These cups are designed with convenience and durability in mind, making them perfect for both hot and cold drinks.

Constructed from high-quality 190gsm paper, these cups strike the ideal balance between sturdiness and eco-friendliness. The heavyweight material ensures a robust structure, preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of your beverage. Say goodbye to flimsy cups that compromise the enjoyment of your favorite drinks.

The 6oz size is ideal for a variety of beverages, from piping hot coffee to refreshing iced tea. Whether you’re hosting a business meeting, social gathering, or simply enjoying a drink on the go, these cups are the perfect companion.

Featuring a sleek and classic design, our paper cups add a touch of sophistication to any occasion. The neutral color palette allows for easy customization to match your brand or event theme. Plus, the smooth surface provides an excellent canvas for logo placement or personalization.

Embracing sustainability, our paper cups are made from responsibly sourced materials, promoting an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic cups. Join us in reducing environmental impact without compromising on quality.

In summary, our 6oz 190gsm paper cups are a reliable, stylish, and eco-conscious choice for your beverage needs. Elevate your sipping experience with these cups that blend functionality, durability, and sustainability seamlessly.

Whether you’re savoring your morning brew, serving beverages at an event, or stocking up for your business, our 6oz paper cups are the epitome of convenience, durability, and sustainability. Elevate your drinking experience today with our premium paper cups.

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