Paper Cups 6oz 230gsm (1000pcs) per ctn.

  • 35 AED
  • 6oz
  • 230gsm
  • 1000pcs per ctn.
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Elevate your beverage experience with our premium Paper Cups 6oz 230gsm, designed with the perfect blend of strength and style. Crafted from high-quality 230gsm paper, these cups are a sturdy and reliable choice for your hot or cold drinks.

At a convenient 6-ounce size, these paper cups are versatile for various occasions, whether you’re enjoying a morning coffee, hosting a small gathering, or running a bustling cafe. The increased thickness of the 230gsm paper ensures these cups can handle your beverages with ease, providing a robust and leak-free solution for your needs.

The smooth, white exterior of these cups not only looks sleek but also provides a clean canvas for customization. Whether you want to add your logo for a professional touch or create a personalized design for a special event, these cups serve as the perfect canvas.

Designed with the user in mind, the ergonomic shape of these cups ensures a comfortable grip, making them easy to hold and drink from. The enhanced thickness of the paper also adds insulation, keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks refreshing for longer periods.

What sets these 6oz paper cups apart is their commitment to sustainability. Made from responsibly sourced paper materials, these cups are not only durable but also eco-friendly. They are biodegradable and compostable, reducing their environmental footprint and offering a guilt-free choice for conscientious consumers.

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast, a party host, or a business owner looking for reliable and eco-friendly beverage containers, our 6oz paper cups at 230gsm deliver an exceptional combination of durability and sustainability. Upgrade your drinkware today and experience the difference.

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