IK One A4 Paper 80gsm (5 Reams) per ctn.

(3 customer reviews)
  • 55 AED price for each box
  • 80gsm
  • high quality
  • white color
  • multi-purposes
  • 5 reams in each box
  • 500 sheets in each ream
  • Free Delivery after 200 AED Total Order

Attention: Wholesale price is different.

Please send a message to our WhatsApp to inquire about the price.


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A4 Multi Purpose Paper
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  1. Introducing the IK One A4 Paper – your perfect partner for smooth and reliable printing experiences. Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this A4-sized paper is designed to meet the diverse needs of both home and office printing tasks.

    The IK One stands out for its consistent performance and exceptional versatility. With its standard A4 size (8.27 x 11.69 inches), it is compatible with most printers, copiers, and office equipment. Whether you’re printing important documents, creating vibrant presentations, or producing crisp reports, this paper is up to the task.

    What sets the IK One A4 Paper apart is its exceptional brightness and clarity. The high brightness level ensures that your text and images stand out with sharp detail, making your printed materials look professional and polished. Whether it’s black-and-white documents or colorful presentations, this paper enhances the overall visual appeal.

    Engineered for trouble-free printing, this paper boasts a smooth and consistent surface. Say goodbye to paper jams and printing hassles – the IK One Paper ensures smooth and reliable feeding through your printer, saving you time and frustration.

    Not only does the IK One Paper excel in performance, but it also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. Made from responsibly sourced materials, this paper is environmentally friendly and supports eco-conscious practices.

    Whether you’re tackling everyday printing needs or handling important projects, the IK One A4 Paper is your reliable choice for quality and convenience. Elevate your printing experience with a paper that delivers consistent results, vibrant prints, and a positive impact on the environment. Order your IK One A4 Paper today and experience the difference in every print.

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3 reviews for IK One A4 Paper 80gsm (5 Reams) per ctn.

  1. San Holo

    Nice product, quality as expected, overall satisfied with the product…

  2. Vraj S.

    Have always like the quality. This is definitely value for money.

  3. Shaik khaleel basha

    Good and nice price may bi high i think but ok quality wise no problem good

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