Facial Tissue 200 ply (30 Packs)

  • 52 AED per pack
  • high quality
  • white color
  • 30 box in each pack
  • 200 ply per box
  • Free Delivery after 200 AED Total Order

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Indulge in the comfort and gentleness of our Soft Facial Tissue, the perfect companion for your daily skincare routine or on-the-go freshness. Designed with your well-being in mind, these tissues offer a luxurious touch to enhance your facial care experience.

Crafted from premium-quality materials, our facial tissues are irresistibly soft, making them ideal for sensitive skin. The gentle texture ensures a soothing feel, making each use a moment of pampering. Whether you’re removing makeup, wiping away a tear, or simply freshening up, these tissues provide a delicate and caring touch.

With a conveniently portable design, our facial tissues are perfect for stashing in your purse, backpack, or car, ensuring you have a soft and reliable solution whenever you need it. The compact packaging makes them travel-friendly, and the tissues are easy to pull out one by one, making them a hassle-free choice for your busy lifestyle.

The absorbent nature of our facial tissues ensures efficient and effective use, whether you’re dealing with spills, sneezes, or simply need a quick cleanup. Say goodbye to rough and abrasive tissues – our soft facial tissues prioritize your comfort without compromising on functionality.

In addition to their gentle touch, our facial tissues are environmentally conscious. Made from responsibly sourced materials, they are biodegradable, promoting a sustainable choice for those who care about the planet.

Experience the luxury of Soft Facial Tissue – a delightful blend of softness, convenience, and eco-friendliness. Elevate your daily routine and embrace the comfort your skin deserves. Order yours today for a touch of softness in every moment.

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Facial Tissue

Soft Facial Tissue – 200 ply: The perfect blend of comfort and strength. Elevate your everyday routine with a gentle touch. Shop now for daily luxury!


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