Thermal roll 57mmx38mm 48gsm (100 rolls) per ctn.

  • 150 AED
  • 57 x 38mm
  • 48Gsm
  • 100 rolls per ctn.
  • Normal printer support
  • Free Delivery after 200 AED Total Order

Attention: Wholesale price is different.

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Introducing our efficient and compact Thermal Roll, measuring 57mmx38mm – the perfect solution for your printing needs. Crafted with precision and versatility, these thermal rolls are designed to deliver crisp and clear prints, making them an essential addition to your point-of-sale or receipt printing system.

The 57mmx38mm dimensions make these thermal rolls compatible with a wide range of thermal printers, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup. Whether you’re printing receipts, order tickets, or transaction records, these rolls offer the ideal size for clear and concise information without unnecessary bulk.

Crafted from high-quality thermal paper, these rolls guarantee a hassle-free printing experience without the need for ink or ribbons. The thermal technology ensures quick and legible prints, providing a reliable solution for your business or personal printing requirements. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traditional printing methods, and welcome the efficiency of thermal technology.

The compact design of these rolls makes them ideal for businesses on the move. Whether you’re running a food truck, a retail pop-up, or a mobile service, these thermal rolls are easy to carry and load into your printer, ensuring seamless transactions wherever your business takes you.

Not only are these thermal rolls practical, but they are also environmentally conscious. Made from eco-friendly materials, they are recyclable, contributing to your commitment to sustainable business practices.

Upgrade your printing experience with our Thermal Roll 57mmx38mm – a perfect combination of efficiency, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Streamline your operations, enhance your receipts, and make a positive impact on the environment. Order your thermal rolls today for a smarter and greener printing solution.

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